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​Gallery on Main

  1. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Through The Gate Framed Oil on Canvas $650
  2. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Tongue River Canyon- Frame16 X 20 Oil on Canvas $285
  3. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Laura Lou Looks at You- 10 X 14 oil on Canvas $350
  4. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Rainbow Bison - 24 X 21 Framed Acrylic on Canvas $600
  5. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Twin Blossoms Framed Pastel $800
  6. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Blaze the Wolf Framed Acrylic $290
  7. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Moose Territory - Framed 18 X 24 Oil $275
  8. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    British Castle Stone Necklace and Rings
  9. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Crossroads 135.00 -Powdered Glass Fired -
  10. Room Screen
    Room Screen
    Hand Painted High Quality Leather
  11. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Hybrid Origin 325.00 Matted &Framed
  12. Jason Pinter
    Jason Pinter
    Pine Side table 125.
  13. Dragon Fly Lady
    Dragon Fly Lady
    One of a kind hand made jewelry
  14. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Cautionary Color Books Yellowstone and Grand Canyon editions 8.95
  15. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Bridge at Tongue River Canyon 18 X 24 $285
  16. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Elk Ivory rings and Pendant - Hand made Jewelry by 90 year old Eddie Donnor
  17. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Juniper Clock $88
  18. Dragonfy Lady
    Dragonfy Lady
    Sterling Silver Wrapped Copper Bracelet 105.00
  19. Joan Feagins
    Joan Feagins
    Sheep Herder's Monument Colored Pencil $195
  20. Linda Chandler
    Linda Chandler
    Framed un-touched Photos of scenes around the Big Horn Mountains
  21. Barbara Gail Sellar
    Barbara Gail Sellar
    3 Platter set $90
  22. Local Authors
    Local Authors
    Susan Smith Tammy Littrel Joan Feagins
  23. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Crow Fair Pony - 125.00 Limited Edition
  24. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Fools Gold $145
  25. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Sweet Spot 12 x 12 on Canvas 325.00
  26. Barbara Gail Sellar ~ Dog Paw Pottery
    Barbara Gail Sellar ~ Dog Paw Pottery
    Polka Dot Glasses ~ 35. Small dish ~ 20.
  27. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    $10 black and white-stippling 75.
  28. Mioplosus Fish Fossil by W Sheeley
    Mioplosus Fish Fossil by W Sheeley
  29. Creator of Calm
    Creator of Calm
    Hand Dipped Candles inlaid with local Wildflowers - 30.00
  30. Barbara Shoop
    Barbara Shoop
    31 X 24 framed oil on canvas- 300.00
  31. Barbara Gail Sellar
    Barbara Gail Sellar
    Fun & Functional $95
  32. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Sterling & onyx ring size 9 - 48.
  33. Wayne Fahsholtz
    Wayne Fahsholtz
    The King Photo on Canvas Framed $195
  34. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Specializing in Elk Tooth Jewelry
  35. Barbara Shoop
    Barbara Shoop
    Scott Bicentennial Park 18 X 24 framed $310
  36. Jason Pinter
    Jason Pinter
    Reclaimed Coffee Table165.00
  37. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Framed and Matted
  38. Wayne Ransbottom
    Wayne Ransbottom
    Box Elder Burl $45
  39. Barbara Shoop
    Barbara Shoop
    Dayton Sign 18 X 24 Framed oil $310/SOLD
  40. Hans Klieber
    Hans Klieber
    We have a collection of original etchings and photogravures on on display.
  41. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    $50 black & white (pen & ink)-stippling 125.
  42. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Mint Bar 12X12 210.00 / SOLD
  43. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Turquoise Rings - hand made one of a kind sterling settings
  44. Hans Klieber
    Hans Klieber
  45. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Chick-a-Dee Reunion $125
  46. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    100 Miles - oil on Canvas-Framed $1900
  47. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    East Dayton Rd 18 X 14 Oil on Canvas $300
  48. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Trail Boss 995.00 / SOLD
  49. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Large Platter 145
  50. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Needles, Mesa Arizona Fused Glass with stand $135
  51. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Blue Bird Road with Custom Barnwood Frame SOLD
  52. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    "Huff & Puff" 28" High Mosaic Wolf, Created with broken pottery salvaged with what was left after a Microburst blew Barb's display over during a show. 2000.
  53. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Inlaid Bowl with Coral and Black 105.
  54. Andy Robbins
    Andy Robbins
    Dominion Airbrushed Watercolor, Framed $395
  55. Wayne Roadifer
    Wayne Roadifer
    Yarn Bowl $69
  56. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Lapis and Turquoise
  57. Sally LaBore
    Sally LaBore
    Circle Park Aspens Framed Oil on Canvas $700.
  58. Sally LaBore
    Sally LaBore
    On Golden Pond Framed Oil on Canvas $850
  59. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Rusty 'Ole Wilbur 14 X 18 Framed oil on Canvas $225
  60. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Green Pitcher $90
  61. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Brown Geo Glass Art with Stand $225
  62. Jo Ellen Grotte
    Jo Ellen Grotte
    Spirit of the Prairie Fused Glass on Copper #395
  63. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Wire Wrapped Stone Necklaces
  64. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Mule Deer Pair on Wood Door $500
  65. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    Aspens #2 Matted and Framed $250
  66. Dog Paw Pottery
    Dog Paw Pottery
    Large Square Platter / Wyo License Plate
  67. Dragonfly Lady
    Dragonfly Lady
  68. English Eddie
    English Eddie
    Sea Sediment Jasper Necklaces on Sterling Silver $30
  69. Sonja Caywood
    Sonja Caywood
    Liza Jane - 20 X 20 Oil on Canvas $450
  70. Karen Barton
    Karen Barton
    Garden Creek Falls Framed Oil on Canvas $250
  71. Barb Shoop
    Barb Shoop
    Devils Reflection Framed Oil on Canvas $285
  72. Travis Good
    Travis Good
    Reflections Framed Metal Sculpture $950
  73. Travis Good
    Travis Good
    Spring Fling metal sculpture $180
  74. Turquoise & Silver
    Turquoise & Silver
    Lightening Bolt Bracelets
The Art of Dayton, Wyoming

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